The National Strategic Platform of the Argentine Sports Confederation (CAD), called PLANEAR – DEPORTE, is a technological tool that will facilitate and help in the financing of Associations, Federations and National Sports Confederations, National, Provincial, Municipal, Clubs, Athletes, Event Organizers and related Professionals with the world of sports through the Collaborative Economy and Sports Associativism.

A response to the needs of the Argentine Sports Community, with current management trends in the world, to translate projects for different sports disciplines, clubs, connect to the world, develop knowledge, sponsor athletes or dress delegations that represent our Country.

¿What is Crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding was born as a link between creators of various products and technologies (which required financing) and users and investors (who demanded creative projects and paid for them). Along with crownfunding, collective financing began as a new option to finance projects.

The types of projects that are financed through crowdfunding keep expanding, from creative projects to solidarity, through business and technology. Specialization is increasing, and growth is expected to exceed 100% in the coming years.


If you are linked to a sport as a member of a club, or you are an individual or team athlete; you dedicate yourself to organizing sports events or competitions; your activity, product or service is related to physical activity, leisure or you simply want to support others to achieve their goals, we want to help fulfill your dreams.

To achieve this, the new Board of Directors of the Argentine Sports Confederation, (for the 2017-2021 period) assumed the commitment of creating a tool at the service of the Integrated Sports Community that would assure transparency and the democratization of economic resources and knowledge.


Our mission is to provide support to our associates and to all those who are part of the Organized Sports Community, enhancing economic, human, and technological resources and promoting access to knowledge and connecting to the world through cultural and sports exchanges.


We will develop our objectives through the implementation of seven programs that channel the demands and needs through the participation of the Sports Community, serving as a vehicle for the realization of their hopes and dreams. You can contribute the amount you want anonymously or by registering, using any credit or debit card.

Our programs generate greater inclusion, participation, and federalize access to sports infrastructure, economic development, knowledge and equipment of sports delegations.

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