The vision of the Argentine Sports Confederation (CAD) is to be “The permanent assembly of sports that makes a constant contribution to the discussion of public sports policies” and, in addition, protects the interests of the different actors that make up the Organized Sports Community . This vision synthesizes the diverse role of CAD; from positioning itself as a guarantor of compliance with sports laws to institutionalizing sports activity in our country and organizing each of the links that make up the production chain of the Sports Industry. We seek to expand our field of action towards international horizons where we are promoters of a new model of democratic and plural sports association.

CAD promotes aid to its members at all levels and throughout the territory of Argentina, from grassroots sports to competitions, where its members can develop their national events.


The mission of the Argentine Sports Confederation is to provide support to its associates and to all those who make up the Organized Sports Community, enhancing economic, human, and technological resources and promoting access to knowledge and its connection with the world through cultural and sports exchange. , creating technological tools, which, through platforms that impact different services, generate more opportunities and income for its Members.